Online Course:

If you own your own business (even a small home based business) or if you're an Independent Contractor, Sandy's program will help you save hundreds... even thousands of dollars each year especially as a result of the newest economic stimulus laws.

Here is an outline of what you will learn in our program:

1. Learn how to potentially deduct most of your fun such as movies, plays, and season tickets

2. Learn how to potentially deduct your golf, golf balls, golf clubs and lessons

3. Learn how to potentially deduct all parties in your home

4. Learn how to potentially bullet-proof all your entertainment from any IRS or state audit!

5. Learn how to potentially deduct any vacation anywhere in the world by combining the trip with business.

6. Discover the secret as to why IRS doesn’t require receipts for under $75 per item!

7. Find out how to potentially deduct all dry cleaning and laundry and even the cost of clothing itself!

8. Learn how to potentially bullet proof all travel from even the toughest IRS scrutiny

9. Discover a little known secret (that is used by the super rich) to potentially deduct the equivalent of your children’s weddings and education including law school and medical school- No kidding!!

10. Find out how to potentially get around all those IRA limits so that you can set up an IRA regardless of income.

11. Discover the secrets on potentially deducting the equivalent of all your kids braces, all dental, all mileage to and from the doctor, all deductibles, all eye glasses and contact lenses.

12. Learn how to potentially deduct two or even the cost of three or more cars in your business.

13. Find out how to really bullet-proof your automobile deductions.

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